Setsuko opened an Atelier shop behind her offices with the wish of providing a space to enjoy her knitwear collection.
The atelier shop has a wide range of her original products including the beautiful knitwear line “Setsuko Torii KNIT WORKS”
which are made by hand and domestic machine,
the cut&sewn product line “TTS”, and selected accessories and leg wear to go along with her works.
Exhibitions by various artists and designers which Setsuko selects with her view of the world are also held every two or three months.


The local yarn shop “Itonokura” opened in the historical Kura building in the shop garden after a light renovation.
“Itonokura” retails various kinds of beautiful and fine yarns which Setsuko always uses for her knitwear collections,
including high quality Japan-made materials and also some imported fancy yarns.
The shop sells a wide range of kits for knitters and weavers from beginner to experienced.
We hold regular lessons for knitting and weaving and are also planning to have some short workshops at the shop.